MotherForkers: Lemoncheesecake Rangoons 

June 1, 2022

For todays cooking assignment our group made lemon cheesecake Rangoons. We shopped at Walmart for all our ingredients. We spent $21.00 on our ingredients and we bought lemons, cream cheese, granulated sugar, wonton wrappers, powder sugar, and whip cream. We began to prep our meal by laying out all of the ingredients. First, for every 8 ounces of cream cheese we put a half cup of sugar and one egg into the mixing bowl. We did this twice while we simultaneously zested the lemons (without a zester). After we thoroughly mixed the ingredients we then put the bowl in the freezer until firm. 


2 Packages of cream cheese

4 Lemons 

1 package of granulated sugar

1 package of powdered sugar 

1 bottle of whip cream 

1 package of wonton wrappers 

2 eggs

1.) First we lay out all the ingredients on the table

2.) Then we squeezed 2 packages of cream cheese into the bowl and added two eggs and granulated sugar into the bowl and mix until mixed thoroughly. We then put the mix into the freezer for about 30 minutes 

3.) While the mix is freezing we cut up the wonton wrappers

4.) Once the filling is done freezing, we filled the wonton wrappers with the filling and pinched in the wrappers to make it look like a wonton


5.) We then boiled water over the stove top and put the wontons into the boiling water, we boiled the wontons for 1 minute

6.) The wontons are done and we then decorated them with powdered sugar and lemon zest. 

Taste: 9/10 – The wontons tasted amazing and the powdered sugar and lemon zest gave it an extra touch

Consistency: 9/10 – The texture was great and the filling didn’t fall apart on the inside. I think if the filling was left to freeze longer it would have been better but it was still really good.

Smell: 10/10 – The smell was great if you like lemon

Visual Appeal: 9/10 – The wontons were cooked thoroughly and well

Creativity: 10/10 – We’ve never had dessert wontons so this was really fun and new to make.