Cardinals: Very Berry Chocolate Crepes

June 1, 2022

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 35 minutes

End time: 45 minutes

This is not a dish for beginners!  You don’t have to travel to France for this refreshing desert. This dish includes a colorful variety of fruit and some whipped cream contrasted with a chocolate outer pastry. This may not be an easy dish, but the pay off is well worth it!


7 large strawberries

2 tbsp of cocoa powder

¾ cup of milk

2 eggs

1 cup of flour

¼ cup sugar

1 ½ cup of fruit (mix of blueberries, cut up strawberries, and raspberries)

1/2 cup water

¾ cup sugar

Nonstick spray

2 bananas

1 tsp of powdered sugar

Whip cream


  • Wash the strawberries in the sink and cut the stem off before cutting them into small pieces, put the cut pieces into a large bowl.
  • Measure out 2 tbsp of cocoa powder and add into a separate large bowl
  • Crack open 2 eggs and add them into the bowl with the cocoa powder
  • Add a cup of flour, ¾ cup of milk, and ¼ cup of sugar into the same bowl and whisk the batter vigorously
  • Take 1 ½ cup of fruit, ½ cup of water, and ¾ cup of sugar, then place on stove and wait until it boils. Then simmer it down and stir it occasionally until it is broken down into a jam
  • Spay a pan with the nonstick spray then pour some of the batter into a pan, then flip regularly. Remove from pan when lightly browned and set aside on a plate.
  • Peel and cut 2 bananas into small pieces and add into the bowl with the strawberries
  • Add in some raspberries into the bowl as well, and add the filling to crepe as preferred
  • Once the jam is sufficiently broken down, strain it into a separate bowl
  • Add some of the jam into one of the finished crepe pastry shells and add in some of the mixed berries
  • Close the crepe up and add some whip cream and powdered sugar
  • The crepes are ready to be eaten!


Taste- 8.6

Mouth feel/consistency- 8.2

Smell- 9

Visual appeal- 7.6

Creativity- 8.8