Mexican Burgers- The Macaroons

May 23, 2019

Mexican Burgers

This dish is a tasty twist that you will want to add to your dinner options as well as your cookout menus. This takes an ordinary burger and turns it into a Mexican fiesta in your mouth. Don’t be afraid to add a side of spanish rice or even chips, queso, and salsa. This dinner option will be a spicy hit for your guest at your next summer cookout and will provide your guests plenty of energy to have a competitive corn-hole tournament.


-1.5 lbs of ground round beef

-2 Fresh Jalapenos

– 1 Fresh Avocado

– 6 slices of Pepper Jack Cheese (~0.45 lbs)

-1 tbsp of ground cumin

-1 tbsp of garlic powder

– Chipotle Mayonnaise (Sir Kensington’s 10 fl oz jar)



1. Place ground beef in a bowl.

2. Finely dice jalapenos and add them to the beef.

3. Add garlic powder and cumin to the beef. Mix jalapenos and seasonings into the meat with your hands.

4. Form 6 patties. Each patty should equal about a quarter-pound. Use a food scale to be precise.

5. If a grill is available grill the patties, if not, use a skillet and stove top to cook the patties.

6. For medium cooked patties, cook them at medium high. Cook each side for about 4 minutes.

7. While the patties are cooking, cut slices of avocado. Place the avocado slices to the side. These will be used as a topping on the burgers.

8. Once one side of the burgers are done cooking (about 4 minutes), flip and add a slice of pepper jack cheese to the cooked sides.

9. Once the patties are cooked, place them on buns, add slices of avocado, and spread the chipotle mayo on the top bun.



-Taste: 8-9 Very flavorful, good spice (not too much actually), very Umami.

-Mouth Feel/consistency: 9 Well cooked medium meat and great consistency in the mouth. The creaminess of the avocado added a nice creamy feel to the burger.

-Smell: 5 Very spicy and strong which made it hard to breathe while cooking.

-Visual Appeal: 7 It looked like a good and delicious burger, the cheese covered the jalapenos and a lot of the burger so it wasn’t visually interesting.

-Creativity: 7 It was a creative twist on a burger, but it’s still just a burger. It could have been more creative with more foods mixed in and added on top, but due to a limited budget it was difficult to buy items.