Chop It Like It’s Hot: Yogurt Parfait

May 20, 2019

Yogurt Parfait

Total Prep Time- 10 to 15 minutes

The yogurt parfait is a quick and easy breakfast full of delicious granola, fruits, and nuts. This dish can be customized to any preference. There are many different fruits, nuts, and kinds of granola that can be added. The parfait can be prepared with a variety of different flavors of yogurt as well. It is a dish that is sure to provide the energy you need in the morning. It is very tasty and a healthy choice for the morning.


  • 3/4 c Vanilla Yogurt
  • 1/4 diced Bananas
  • Hand full Blueberries
  • Hand full Blackberries
  • Hand full diced Strawberries
  • 1/4 c Bear Naked Berry Granola
  • 2 tbsp Chopped Almonds

Step by Step:

*Note: For all toppings, the amount depends on your liking. No specific measurement required.*

  1. Add vanilla yogurt into bowls
  2.  Place Bear Naked Berry Granola along half the bowl.
  3. Add almonds to the granola
  4. Place the banana on other half of yogurt
  5. Wash the blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries
  6. Add blueberries to the bowl
  7. Add black berries to the bowl
  8. Add the diced strawberries to the bowl
  9. Enjoy

Comments and Ratings: (1-10: 10 being the highest)

Taste-   10   The yogurt parfait was delicious. Considering the season as well the berries were very rip and sweet. This added to the taste of the parfait. Suggestion if this was made during the winter or a season where the berries were not in season would be to add honey to the mix to help sweeten.

Mouth feel/Consistency-   10   The nuts and granola helped to give the mixture a nice crunch. The blueberries are a nice touch as well. They give a crunch in a slightly different way but still give the parfait a nice texture.

Smell-  5   This dish did not have much of an aroma. You could smell the sweetness of the strawberries, the vanilla sent from the yogurt, and banana, but this is not a dish that will have your whole house aware you are preparing a delicious meal.

Visual Appearance-  10   Laid out in the picture, the dish is very appealing. It has a lot of color and variety to it. Once mixed, everything gets covered in the yogurt so it has a different appearance, but it still appears appetizing.

Creativity-   8   The yogurt parfait has defiantly been created before. The dish is a creative way of mixing together a number of nutritious eliminates into once dish. This helps with a busy lifestyle. There are a variety of different things that could be added to the dish and can be made to anybody’s liking.